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Promotion for Cocoa EDENSOY

NEW Cocoa EDENSOY is a significantly improved version of its organic, chocolate predecessor. Great taste, 8 grams of protein, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients are better than ever. It has the new ingredients gellan and locust bean vegetable gums to hold the cocoa in suspension or solution. They replace the former seaweed based ingredient.

NEW Cocoa EDENSOY has rich organic dark cocoa powder and smooth mouthfeel. EDENSOY uniquely provides 8 grams of protein that is properly prepared for nourishing humans. EDENSOY’s nourishing uniqueness comes from a purposeful soy protein preparation skill of the Japanese miso maker who is a joint venture partner of EDENSOY’s Michigan manufacturer. Essential fatty acids, high-energy complex carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients round out EDENSOY’s satisfaction. The protein is from U.S.A. whole organic soybeans with all eighteen amino acids. No commonly used adulterated soy isolate is to be found. Gentle, malted organic whole grain extract syrup and a bit of organic maple syrup sweeten it.

America’s first Non-GMO Project verified soymilk was EDENSOY in 2009. It had been GMO free since 1993, and remains pure today. View EDENSOY Cocoa

EDEN Tomatoes

Promotion for EDEN Tomatoes

EDEN Spaghetti Sauce • Crushed Tomatoes • Crushed Tomatoes with Onion, Basil, & Garlic • Pizza Pasta Sauce • and No Salt Spaghetti Sauce are made of 5th generation, organic, hand cultivated and harvested, heirloom Italian Roma and Napoli tomatoes. These plum shaped tomatoes are Italian preferred. Sweeter, fewer seeds, deep color, and firmer flesh are better for sauces and canning. Where used, organic non-irradiated herbs and spices, organic extra virgin olive oil, and EDEN sea salt add flavor and value. EDEN tomatoes are the only brand in the U.S.A. in protective amber glass to prevent light damage of flavor components and nutrients. The cans and glass are BPA & BPS free. Gluten Free. kosher pareve. Browse EDEN Tomatoes

EDEN Sauerkraut

Promotion for EDEN Sauerkraut

Three EDEN Sauerkrauts in New 18 oz. glass jars, all made of authentically organic ingredients. Two New Flavors. Kimchi Sauerkraut, spicy red with all organic kimchi herbs and spices. Three Onion Sauerkraut is mellow, sweet, and savory. Original EDEN Sauerkraut homemade taste and lactic acid fermentation efficacy now comes in the new 18 oz. jar too, while continuing its availability in 32 oz. glass. Over ninety years of experience, traditional methods, and one family’s care from field to jar give EDEN Sauerkraut exceptional character and spectacular flavor. No untoward additives, declared or undeclared, of any kind whatsoever. kosher pareve. Browse EDEN Sauerkraut